Runemaster: Shield Maiden’s Blade OUT NOW!

Airship 27 Productions and Runemaster Press are thrilled to present “RUNEMASTER – Shield Maiden’s Blade,” a classic sword and sorcery adventure by Mike Bullock. 

The greatest village in the northland of Njodica is that of Kirwall, led by the battle veteran known as the Runemaster. His son, Skarl hopes to one day take his place and possess the mystic Rune axe. But Skarl is falsely accused of a crime by a jealous warrior and cast out. Days later the same villain conspired with the Ysling, a bloodthirsty tribe bent on destroying Kirwall. What ensues is a massacre leaving all dead except for Skarl’s beloved, the fiery shield maiden Lucina.

Alone with only his courage and fighting skills, the young warrior sets off on an epic journey to save his beloved. Along the way he will encounter all manner of horrors, both human and animal, ready to end his life alone in the cold wilderness.

“Fans of Robert E. Howard are going to love this story,” says Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “For a while now, lots of our readers have been wondering if we’d ever do fantasy sword and sorcery books. Well, at long last we found an exceptional manuscript in that genre worth our taking the plunge. Mike Bullock is one of the finest New Pulp scribes in the field and we are thrilled to be publishing this title.”

Artist Chris Nye provides the nine amazing black and white illustrations and painter Steve Otis the fantastic cover. All of which is assembled and presented by Pulp Factory Award winning Art Director Rob Davis. So grab your swords and shields and get ready for battle!

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The Runemaster: Shield Maiden’s Blade coming soon!

Runemaster Press has partnered with Airship 27 to bring Mike Bulllock’s newest novel, The Runemaster: Shield Maiden’s Blade to a book store or online retailer near you soon.

Airship 27 commissioned amazing artist Chris Nye to deliver the interior illustrations for the novel, including this amazing piece of eye candy:

Stay tuned for more information, illustrations and exciting news!

The Runemaster Returns!

Fans of The Runemaster, a Norse inspired sword & sorcery hero, are rejoicing at the news of his return. Skarl Kirwall of the Clan Kirwall is back and prepared to take revenge on the Ysling clan!


Born during the Last Great War, Skarl Kirwall was destined to lead his clan as the next Runemaster. Betrayed by a clansman, Skarl is banished from his village, only to learn of its destruction at the hands of their bitter enemies, the Ysling clan. Mourning his father’s death, he discovers his beloved Lacina is still alive, but taken by the bloodthirsty Yslings as a sacrifice to their god, Ysfang, the world serpent. Now, Skarl must pursue his lost love across the frozen wastes of Njordica and save her from the slathering jaws of the serpent god and in the process, take his rightful place as the next Runemaster.


Forged in the fires of Conan, Beowulf and Braveheart, steeped in Norse legendry and baptized in the blood of those who would oppose him comes the Runemaster.


Xander Janus: Guardian of Worlds

Meet Xander Janus: Guardian of Worlds. A man merged with the ghost of his grandfather and tasked with defending our mortal plane from other-dimensional invasion by entities that embody evil in all its myriad forms.

Xander debuted in Tales of the Rook vol I, starring new pulp fiction icon Barry Reese’s The Rook.


excerpt from Tales of the Rook: The Onyx Raven starring The Rook and Xander: Guardian of Worlds
While the intruder's voice was curiously comforting, Max felt better to err on the side of caution and leveled his pistol at the man's chest.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my house?"

The uninvited stranger paid no more heed to Max's sidearm than he might a cufflink. "I have been known by many names, something I think we have in common, no doubt. But, you may call me Xander."Max fingered through his mental file cabinet of vigilantes and adventurers. He assumed this man wasn't the villainous sort, or else Max might not still be drawing breath due to the silent nature of the fellow's approach. Certainly, he could have killed Max without ever alerting anyone of his presence. No, this fellow was at worst, neutral, and at best a fellow vigilante. He quickly uncovered a memory of a newspaper clipping he'd seen on a recent trip to Morocco of a fellow that the locals claimed had saved them from an ancient evil. While the paper had no photographs, they described a man who looked as this one did, and dubbed him Xander Janus. "

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Death Angel

Dr. Dusk

The Runemaster

Xander Janus: Guardian of Worlds

And others such as Dynamo Jack, The Atomic Warlord, Leviathan, Silver Spartan…

In addition to his new pulp fiction characters, Bullock has written stories featuring The Phantom, Zorro, Mandrake the Magician, Captain Action, Gladiator, The Black Bat, Golden Amazon, Captain Future, The Iron Ace, Air Boy, and many more.

Having grown up on a steady diet of tales from Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, Lee Falk, Stan Lee, Bill Mantlo, George Lucas and other speculative fiction masterminds, it’s no wonder Bullock’s creative well doesn’t appear to be running dry any time soon.