Xander Janus: Guardian of Worlds

Meet Xander Janus: Guardian of Worlds. A man merged with the ghost of his grandfather and tasked with defending our mortal plane from other-dimensional invasion by entities that embody evil in all its myriad forms.

Xander debuted in Tales of the Rook vol I, starring new pulp fiction icon Barry Reese’s The Rook.


excerpt from Tales of the Rook: The Onyx Raven starring The Rook and Xander: Guardian of Worlds
While the intruder's voice was curiously comforting, Max felt better to err on the side of caution and leveled his pistol at the man's chest.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my house?"

The uninvited stranger paid no more heed to Max's sidearm than he might a cufflink. "I have been known by many names, something I think we have in common, no doubt. But, you may call me Xander."Max fingered through his mental file cabinet of vigilantes and adventurers. He assumed this man wasn't the villainous sort, or else Max might not still be drawing breath due to the silent nature of the fellow's approach. Certainly, he could have killed Max without ever alerting anyone of his presence. No, this fellow was at worst, neutral, and at best a fellow vigilante. He quickly uncovered a memory of a newspaper clipping he'd seen on a recent trip to Morocco of a fellow that the locals claimed had saved them from an ancient evil. While the paper had no photographs, they described a man who looked as this one did, and dubbed him Xander Janus. "

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